• Shelby0:32
  • Shelby0:16

  • Ralph0:30
  • Ralph0:35

  • Kristin0:31
  • Kristin0:31

  • Mike0:15
  • Mike0:31
  • Mike0:30

  • Rachel0:15
  • Rachel0:41


Having a variety of voices on your station helps your Time Spent Listening and helps you better serve your clients. We offer several different voices who give life to your scripts. This helps to broaden the range of voices on your air and helps fill specific needs. Need just female voices? No problem. Need different male voices? We can help there too. All our voices are seasoned professionals who take your client's message seriously but also work quickly. 

Voicework can be delivered dry and mixed by your team, or we can add 

production values and deliver a fully completed commercial.

Below are samples of our talent voicing commercials for our affiliates.

  • Bob1:00
  • Bob0:30

  • 0:33

  • Jessica0:30
  • Jessica0:46

  • Greg1:03
  • Greg0:48

  • Rikki1:00
  • Rikki0:15